Acrylic Lamp

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Our Acrylic Lamps are the perfect addition to a Nursey, Bedroom, office space or a lovely gift idea for a upcoming celebration or event.

Our lamps clear acrylic plate is fully customisable, making them brilliant for any space.

Our lamps have a soft relaxing LED glow & spacer plate to ensure a perfect fit for the acrylic plate to sit into the light base.

Each lamp comes complete with 

- 1x solid timber base in a beech finish measuring 150mm x 60mm x 40mm, white cord -press switch for easy operation.

-Transparent acrylic plate 150mm x 95mm

-USB plug connection, requires 240v to standard 5v plug outlet or USB battery pack to operate (please note this is not included in the purchase kit) 

if you require a custom option not listed please email us with your order number and design to

NOTE: This item is not a toy, they are for decorative purposes only.

please keep this item away from children and liquid. avoid touching acrylic when handling the lamp use beech timber base. To clean lamp use only soft cleaning cloth and NO products, keep cloths and fibres away from printed side of the acrylic plate to avoid damaging printed Decals.